About Us

Welcome to the Powell River Climbing Co-op!

We are a member owned, non-profit, co-operative climbing gym in the Townsite area of Powell River.

We aim to provide folks of all ages with a welcoming year-round place to have fun, get fit, and connect with your community. We also aim to grow the culture of rock climbing in Powell River.

Our gym features two types of indoor climbing (bouldering and top roping) and key-card membership access 7 days a week from 5am to 11pm.

Click here to read the full history of the co-op and how it came to be.


We just got our bouldering mats installed as of November 18th! There are still a couple of very, very minor hurdles with the building, but these boxes could get ticked any day now and then we can open. Gunning for early December!! Stay tuned for the official announcement.

Powell River Climbing Gym

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