As of July 21st 2020, we are now open to members!

(we are currently still closed for drop-ins & group bookings until further notice)

In order to ensure the safety of our staff and members, things will be a little different for the time being as we enact COVID Safe Protocols to help keep our community healthy and safe.

The facility will be open to FOB holding members only (or supervised youth as per our standard ratios) for the time being, and only certain days will have staff present during operational hours. Staff and board members will however be cleaning and sanitizing daily.

Important: All currently auto-frozen memberships will be unfrozen as of August 1st!

Please email us info@prclimbingcoop.com if you do NOT want your membership reinstated at this time, the standard fee to maintain a frozen account will apply. For those of you coming back to climb for this last week of July, there will be no additional charge! We appreciate you sticking with us!

All frozen fobs for members will be reactivated July 21st.

The following new rules must be followed to ensure our community can climb safely, as per our staff and board developed COVID Safe Plan:

  • Anyone entering the facility must either wash their hands or apply hand sa nitizer (which will be provided).

  • Climbers must use alcohol based liquid chalk only while bouldering (we will provide this for sale, and post how to make it yourself). When roped climbing, they must use liquid chalk as a base layer and chalk up only while on route if necessary.

  • No rentals will be available, please bring your own shoes, chalk bag, or harness.

  • Our water supply will be off limits, please bring your own water bottle!

  •  Please bring a face mask – while wearing a mask is not mandatory in the facility, they are to be used out of courtesy to other members whenever those outside of your ‘bubble’ are present in the facility. If you do not have a personal mask we will have a small supply or disposable masks available for your use.

  • Keep a physical distance of 6ft between anyone outside of your “bubble”.  To ensure this can be followed we must limit our capacity as follows:

    • Maximum 4 people in the bouldering area

    • Maximum 4 people in the top rope area. Climb at least two routes apart.

    • Maximum 2 people in the training area.

    • No more than 10 members plus one staff will be allowed in the gym at a time.

  •  Upon entering the facility, please scan the bouldering area and downstairs to see how many people are present. For those of you already climbing, if it is at capacity, please be considerate of others and consider shortening your session to share the space. For those of you arriving, anticipate you may need to wait for others to finish.

  • We will have one staff member or board member cleaning and sanitizing door knobs, bathroom surfaces, the front desk counter top, benches and railings daily. The POS machine and the Ipad will be sanitized after each use. However, we ask that members also take initiative and also sanitize bathrooms and door knobs as staffing will be limited. Protocols for member cleaning will be posted at the front desk.

  • Please be prepared to limit the length of your sessions to no more than 1.5 hours so others may climb as well. For those of you with Facebook, considering using the PRCC Fob Holders group to notify others when you plan to be climbing, especially if you are with a group/family.

  • We thank you in advance for being patient and supporting us through these times. We are hoping for at least 30 returning members to make our summer financially viable.

Are you a member but don’t have a FOB? Email us to set up a time for a belay lesson or test! info@prclimbingcoop.com

Do you know of others in the community that aren’t members yet but would love to join, send us an email in this case as well!

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We offer drop-ins five days a week, and all access memberships for round-the-clock fun. Get yourself hooked up with one and use the gym from 5 am to 11 pm every day.

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Do you want to try climbing but don’t know where to start? Want to learn some basic technique, so you can feel more confident on the wall? Join our Intro to Climbing Lesson! <– Click here to check out when the next one is. Reservations mandatory.

Kids & Youth

The gym is a place welcome to all ages, kids included! However, children and youth need some special consideration at the gym. Check out our FAQ so you and your child can enjoy the gym safely.

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As a community co-op, we are committed to providing youth and community groups with access to the facility during the week to help foster a fun, inclusive and positive active environment for all citizens of Powell River. Please check out our group guidelines.

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