Our Facility

Powell River Climbing Co-op

Our facility is a member-owned climbing gym in the historic Townsite of Powell River.

The Gym Features:

  • 5 am to 11 pm daily access for membership holders
  • 5 days a week drop-in times
  • 2,100 sq feet of climbing (1400 sq ft bouldering, and 700 sq ft top roping)
  • A climbing & fitness training area
  • High quality route setting
  • Climbing shoe, chalk & harness rental
  • Lessons
  • Choose your own tunes during membership hours
  • Expert Staff
  • Tons of fun and community

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a simple – and extremely fun – form of climbing in which the climber solves short “problems” on an unroped wall (13 feet high in our facility). Foot-thick gymnastic mats break falls.

It requires no special equipment (beyond climbing shoes and some chalk) or technical climbing know-how. It can be done without a partner.

It is also the most social style of climbing because it encourages people to gather around a boulder problem attempting to solve it and cheer each other on.

Powell River Climbing Co-op Bouldering Area
Our bouldering area

What is Top Roping?

Top roping is the typical roped climbing that you probably think of when you think of climbing gyms. Our facility contains a wall with 6 ropes.

In this form of climbing, you use ropes through an anchor, a harness, and a “belay” buddy to keep you safe as you climb up a larger span of wall (close to 27 feet in our gym)

Powell River Climbing Co-op
Our top rope wall. Photo by Anji Smith.

Where to Find Us

We’re located in the Townsite Market, at 201 – 5831 Ash St. Member entrance during non-mall hours is from Walnut st, across from Elements Movement.

Powell River Climbing Co-op Location


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