Youth Clubs & Teams

We are excited to offer teams for kids and youth! Our teams will run between the following dates:

  • Fall
    • Sept 7 – December 14/21 (15/16 weeks)
  • Spring
    • Jan 4 – April 19 (16 weeks).
  • Summer
    • April 26 – August 2 (15 weeks)

Read below for more details. To register your child you can email us at, message us on social media, or visit us at the co-op in the Townsite Market.

Youth Teams 2021

Junior Team
Ages 6-9 • $200 • 4-5 pm Tues • Sept 7 – Dec 14/21
Focused on younger kids who are newer to climbing. Fun will be the primary goal with plenty of learning sprinkled in!

Senior Team
Ages 9+ • $300 • 5-7 pm Tues • Sept 7 – Dec 14/21
Will train with the Comp Team once a week and is for kids wanting to take climbing a little more seriously but who aren’t interested in competing or ready to take it to twice a week.

Comp Team
$600 • 5-7 pm Tues & Thurs • Sept 7 – Dec 16/21
Will focus on training and improving climbing techniques and strength in a regimented way. A way to combine the fun of climbing with tangible progress and goals.


Our programs are eligible for Jumpstart funding! Click the banner to learn more.

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